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Anyone facing a federal charge in Florida State may find it hard to defend themselves more especially since the federal government has limitless resources to help them in investigating and gathering evidence against an individual. At such times, an individual is most likely to be found guilty and spend a substantial time behind bars. However, to be able to fight and win a case against the federal government, one has to seek the legal assistance of the best federal defense attorneys in Florida. The most experienced federal defense attorneys in California are David Katz and James Philips from the Katz & Philips law offices.

Mr. Katz is a former FBI agent and a prosecutor with the federal government while Mr. Philips is a former prosecutor. The attorneys have borrowed the same format used by the federal government when investigating and collecting information about an individual who is currently being investigated of who has committed a federal crime. This includes paying attention to detail and ensuring that the rights of their clients are fully protected. Moreover, these two federal attorneys work with a team of five other professional and experienced attorneys to help with the investigations and defending the accused.

Mr. Philips who is a co-founder partner at the Katz & Philips is a trial attorney with a bias in criminal defense. He started his career as a certified legal intern whereby he handled hundreds of criminal cases and acted as the lead prosecutor in a total of 14 DUI trials. He further prosecuted thousands of cases after graduating into an assistant state attorney in Florida. He later became an associate in a private law firm while specializing in criminal defense and was later promoted to a senior associate position after one year whereby he tackled all major felony crimes of the firm. Since starting the Katz & Philips, Mr. Philips has represented hundreds of clients in major federal offenses and this has led him to be sought by other lawyers to co-counsel related cases and was recently named among 2012’s of Central Florida’s best attorneys as well as receiving AVVO’s award on the client choice award category.

Mr. Katz on the other hand is also a co-founder of the Katz & Philips law offices. He has a vast experience in federal state defense especially in DUI for he is the only defense attorney in the entire of Florida State to have had a one on one training of the Intoxilyzer device from its manufacturing president. He is also one of the two only defense attorneys’ in Florida to have passed the board’s certification exam. In 2012, Mr. Katz won an AVVO client choice award and just recently, he received a client distinction award. This particular client distinction award is only given to 4% of almost 1 Million attorneys on the Martindale Hubbell websites.

The Katz & Philips law offices have offices throughout the state to meet the needs of all who are currently being charged with federal state related crimes. The attorneys have offices in different locations throughout the Orange County, Seminole County with an inclusion of the Longwood, Sanford and Altamonte Springs, Lake Country which also includes residents residing in Tavares, Alachua County and the Osceola County which also covers the Kissimmee residents.

The reason why an individual who is being accused of, has been arrested in connection with or is being investigated for having committed a federal offense should seek the services of the Katz & Philips is because the attorneys can easily get one’s charges dropped or reduced.

The attorneys know how to fiercely negotiate in the courtroom to ensure that their clients’ right are protected.

The Katz & Philips attorneys are available all around the clock, 7 days per week.
Consultation is offered free of charge.

To get in touch with the Katz & Philips law offices, call their offices on 407-674-5768 or visit their website at www.orlandocriminalteam.com.