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So what do you do when you see those flashing lights in the mirror?

You are getting pulled over, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Many criminal cases originate from a traffic stop, so that moment can be a critical part of a process that can take months or sometimes years to resolve.

1. You need to know that you are likely being recorded, both with video and audio. This means if you curse out an officer, a jury could someday see it. If you pass out in the back of the cop car on the way to Jail, a jury could someday see it, and anything you say, tone, and content, a jury could someday see.

2. It is almost never a good idea to consent to a search of your vehicle or home. Evidence for a probable criminal charge starts getting obtained even before you are pulled over. By consenting to a search, you are only giving the people trying to put you behind bars, more evidence to do it with.

3. Ask to speak with your lawyer. Asking to speak with your lawyer triggers some very important rights, and if you don’t formally state those words, you might not be protected.

This video will guide you through the steps on how to handle being pulled over for a traffic stop.

If you are on the side of the road and there is any ambiguity about whether you can leave or not, ask the officer if you are free to leave. Remember, this should be recorded, and hopefully he answers your question.

Many people think they can talk their way out of ticket, that they must consent to a search, or that they must answer all of an officer’s questions. None of that is true.

Let’s face it…you’re busy. Your criminal lawyer is busy (hopefully working on your case). So calling in the heat of the moment isn’t practical. This means advanced knowledge of how to handle a traffic stop is key. I’m giving that insider legal knowledge to you now. The cops aren’t your friend. They’re doing their job.

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