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So you are in handcuffs, sitting in the back of a cop car, and on your way to jail.

Are you talking to the officer?
Are you falling asleep in the back of the car?
Are you telling the officer your life story?

This video will tell you how to make the best of the situation. You need to know to remain silent. That means not talking to officers, detectives, other inmates, and even people who come to visit you, unless it is your attorney.

Exercise your right to remain silent, and ask to speak with your attorney.

Let’s face it…you’re busy. Your criminal attorney is busy (hopefully working on your case). So calling in the heat of the moment isn’t practical. This means advanced knowledge of how to handle an arrest is critical. I’m giving that insider legal knowledge to you now. The cops aren’t your friend. They’re doing their job.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Austin, Texas
Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin, Texas
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DWI Attorney in Austin, Texas
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Marijuana Possession Attorney in Austin, Texas
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POM Attorney in Austin, Texas
Austin DWI Lawyer
Austin DWI Attorney
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DWI Lawyer in Austin
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